Are you looking to promote your community or charity organisation?

All too often too many people are bidding on far too few pots of money. If you want to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate the full value and importance of your work then nothing is more powerful that showing it ‘just as it is’. Whether it be:

A fund-raising campaign
A celebration of success
A funding report
A presentation to trustees
A memento for participants
Something for the archive
An educational video

We will offer support in the planning and capture of your video, guidance with interviews and representing your group in the most powerful way. We have excellent post-production audio and video editing equipment and expertise - with a personal attention to every product we present. As media professionals with a community background, we have a hands-on understanding of what your audience will be looking for and can help you and your project on its journey.

Are you looking to promote your business?

Our business video team understand the absolute importance of being able to articulate and celebrate your business. Whether it be:

Demonstrating to your clients the quality of your work
Developing recruitment & promotion campaigns
Capturing client endorsements
Demonstrating the detail of your workmanship
Educating potential customers about your service
Creating a video for promotion or product launches

Experts have said that businesses that are not using professional video blogs and promotions on social media platforms will be dropping behind in the next two years

We specialise in internal communications – be it audio or video. We have the personnel that can help you plan effective video vignettes, audio pod casts or full-blow multi-media presentations. We can stream your business across the internet or capture and archive key moments.

Our staff are media journalism, radio, video and sound-design experts enabling us to keep things simple, effective and meet your budget.