Our Services

MediaAction offers you an unrivalled experience in supporting community organisations a method of collating and presenting themselves across a wide range of mediums to a wide-ranging audience.

The ability to turn your your organisations profile, your story or your campaign into a bespoke audio and visual products is our business.

Audio Recording & Edit

We have considerable expertise in the capture, edit and broadcast of audio:

  • Interviews
  • Audio Description
  • Sound Bites
  • Pod Casts
  • Radio Features
  • Commentary
  • Audio Live Streaming

With the highest quality audio equipment for studio or location recording, industry standard editing suites and access to royalty-free music, we can provide one off audio presentations or regular broadcast programmes.

Video Recording & Edit

Our expertise and broadcast-standard equipment enables us to develop promotional ideas into:

  • Video Promotion
  • Video Documentary
  • Video Live Streaming
  • Webcasts
  • Archiving

Our video capture and edit facilities encompass location and studio camera-work, titling, subtitling, Foley and royalty-free music sourcing.